[OK] Textinator: Absurd Fake Reason

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  • 野際大樹:今夜遊ばない?
  • NOGIWA Daiki: Do you wanna to hang out tonight?
  • 木下愛:今日は無理。うちの弟と彼女が別れちゃって忙しいの
  • KINOSHITA Megumi: I can’t tonight. I’ve been busy because my little brother and his girlfriend broke up…
  • 今夜=こんや
  • 遊ぶ=あそぶ
  • 今日=きょう
  • 無理=むり
  • 弟=おとうと
  • 彼女=かのじょ
  • 別れる=わかれる
  • 忙しい=いそがしい


  • [If a guy sends you these texts you should probably avoid him] goo.gl/4navQ2
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