Wanna Cancel Your AJATT Plus Membership?

What? You wanna go? But we’re so tight! We’re friends, right?

OK, well, I’m gonna miss you. We’re all gonna miss you. Also, just so you know:

Due to certain system software constraints, cancelling your AJATT Plus sub instantly cancels all access to AJATT Plus content and stuff. So, if in doubt, wait until a couple of days before the end of your current AJATT Plus subscription month. That way you’ll still have access and stuff 1.

Also, just before you go, let me know how you felt about ‘JATT+.

See you again soon 😀

Bye for now 😉

PS: If you’re still having trouble cancelling, contact me directly with your billing info as per these instructions.


  1. I’m in love with this word today

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  1. 2013年12月26日 at 06:22

    I have a big, fancy lawyer job now and have to spend my learning time learning how to be a lawyer! But I did make a lot of progress on my Japanese. Thanks,


  2. 2013年12月26日 at 06:23


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