[JSS] The Japanese Sports Sentence Pack: Soccer Madness

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  1. (松木)ファウルじゃないの!?
    • That’s totally a foul!
    • [ファウル (サッカー) – Wikipedia] goo.gl/j6T3PK
  2. (松木)おぉ、ゴールゴールゴール!!!
  3. (外野)ただのサッカーファンの応援って感じが素敵だわww
    • [Commentariat]: I love how it’s more like just fans yelling than it is actual soccer commentary lol
    • 唯の=ただの
    • 応援=おうえん
    • 感じ=かんじ
    • 素敵=すてき
    • “Nico Nico’s most distinctive feature is that members communicate via short texts inserted on top of the video feeds. Entries are time-synched and flow over the frame from right to left. Using different colors, other users can add comments later in the same way. Some videos are virtually covered with thousands of lines of text, which can be filtered or turned off. This feature sounds totally absurd but is the main reason why users spend twice as much time on Nico Nico as they do on Youtube.” [Video Comments The Japanese Way (Nico Nico Douga) | TechCrunch] goo.gl/k4znTg


【参考文献 / Further Reading】

  • [松木安太郎&セルジオ越後の解説が面白い – YouTube] goo.gl/Ch9MTQ
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