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172116784[1]目眩の薬(Vertigo medicine


This medicine widens the blood vessels of the brain and the inner ear, improving blood circulation. It is widely used as a treatment for general dizziness, as well as Meniere’s disease.

  1.  【診察で】持病やアレルギーのある人は医師に伝えておきましょう。
    1. (During consultation): Please inform your doctor if you have any allergies or chronic diseases.
  2. 【注意する人】胃潰瘍、喘息、褐色細胞腫のある人は、慎重に用いる必要があります。
    1. Warning/Contraindications: People with gastric ulcers, asthma, or pheochromocytoma should take with caution.
  3. 【用法】:通常成人は1回1~2錠を1日3回食後経口服用する。ただし、年齢、症状により適宜増減する。
    1. Usage: Typically, the dose for adults is to take orally 1 or 2 tablets (pills) per time, three times a day after meals. Depending on age and intensity of the symptoms this dose can be increased accordingly.
  4. 【使用に当たり】:症状によって、飲む量、飲み方が異なります。指示どおりに正しくお飲みください。
    1. About usage: Depending on the symptoms, the quantity and method of taking the medicine will change. Please take the medicine according to the instructions given.
  5. 【副作用】副作用の少ない安全性の高いお薬です。
    1. Side effects: This is a highly safe medicine with few secondary effects.
  • 目眩=めまい
  • 内耳=ないじ
  • 血管=けっかん
  • 血液循環=けつえきじゅんかん
  • 治療=ちりょう
  • 褐色細胞腫=かっしょくさいぼうしゅ
[病気別の薬フォルダー] goo.gl/8KVkW



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