MFSP Bonus Extra: Something Came Up

This entry is part 4 of 9 in the series [MFSP] My First Sentence Pack
  • Sitch: Lil bro has just arrived home, walks into the kitchen…
  • 姉:遅かったねー!
  • Big Sister: Hey, stranger! You’re home late today!
  • 弟:嗚呼。ちょっと用事あって・・・
  • Little Brother: Yeah, something came up / I had a thing…
  • 嗚呼=ああ
  • 姉=あね
  • 弟=おとうと
  • 姉弟=してい
  • 遅い=おそい
  • 一寸=ちょっと
  • 用事=ようじ
  • 有る=ある
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