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  1. Josh roth
    2014年10月2日 at 20:47

    I can become fluent in Japanese. I think I can. I know I can.

    • Gangelo
      2015年7月10日 at 03:24

      really? good!

    • Dhaniel
      2015年9月25日 at 09:42

      Hi! I would like to know about the verb or adjective “剥がれ”
      It is appearing in this sentence: “脆弱な意識を剥がれ”
      With this, I would like to know if its the adjective “剥がれ” or the verb “剥がれる” without the furigana る. And if does exist somehow to put an ichidan or godan verb without his furigana like the ichidan verb in this exemple 剥がれる without る.
      waiting out the answer! Thanks a lot!

    • Piyah
      2015年12月27日 at 06:59

      日本語は 難しいなあ。

    • Kenny
      2017年8月19日 at 23:50

      Yep, you can dude, beleive in your self 😀

  2. Uzma
    2014年12月12日 at 18:57

    I want to get to N3 level in two years! 🙂
    I can do this!

    • R
      2017年1月8日 at 21:09

      Didja do it?

      • Nonwibb
        2017年7月5日 at 07:27

        Uzma’s disappearance suddenly makes me wonder if my endeavors in learning Japanese are really worth my life.

        Yeah, probably.

  3. Philip
    2015年1月5日 at 05:30

    i hope i wont get to lazy and stop.

    • Yjux
      2016年4月11日 at 06:40


  4. nuthpapat
    2015年3月31日 at 01:28

    i want to speak Japanese fluently

  5. Yosef
    2015年4月22日 at 12:49

    I can become fluent in Japanese. I think I can. I know I can.

  6. Aniisa
    2015年7月5日 at 20:23

    I hope this site will help me in learning this awesome language!

  7. Cheese on toast
    2015年7月25日 at 23:28

    I can’t write the Kanji for cat 「猫」without having to write it in Hiragana then having to convert it into Kanji. But then again I am using the Chinese Congee writing tool. It comes up with 描 or 貓. My Rikaikun says the second one 「貓」 also means cat. The more you know!

    • QKing
      2016年4月15日 at 18:11

      Essentially 貓 is traditional Chinese, while 猫 is simplified Chinese. Some kanji are traditional Chinese, some simplified Chinese, and the rest irregular versions of hanzi (transformed from their original counterparts for simplification purposes. Example: traditional – 圖, simplified – 图, kanji – 図).

      Both simplified and traditional Chinese are interchangeable in Chinese writing, as they refer to the same character (though if you write in traditional Chinese you should remain that way for every sentence for consistency, vice versa). But since there is no such character as 貓 in Japanese, you must use 猫 when referring to cat with kanji in Japanese (i.e. using 貓 would be incorrect). For this reason, you should use a Japanese writing tool and not a Chinese one when writing in Japanese.

  8. allen
    2015年9月7日 at 21:46

    i will learn this!

  9. Silvertide
    2015年9月12日 at 18:41

    I really want to live Japanese.

    • Naoto
      2016年1月30日 at 03:33

      I’m high school students of japan if you have free time, would you like to talk with me?

    • Naoto
      2016年1月30日 at 03:34

      I’m high school students of japan if you have free time, would you like to talk with me??

  10. Lilith
    2015年9月20日 at 05:21

    I speak 6 languages, I definitely become fluent in Japanese. Duh. I’m just lazy xD

    • Abbas
      2018年10月17日 at 04:55

      6 Languages ?! wow that’s pretty awesome! Pardon my curiosity but what languages have you learned?

  11. HP
    2015年9月28日 at 03:35

    Yes, I want to learn Japanese!

  12. shiba
    2015年10月1日 at 08:26

    Japanese language in q&a awesome pattern

  13. Nutty
    2015年12月11日 at 03:38

    I can become fluent in Japanese. I think I can. I know I can.

  14. Demetrius
    2015年12月20日 at 17:54


  15. Soraya
    2015年12月20日 at 20:25

    I will do this and I will do this well.

  16. Holley
    2016年1月3日 at 18:34


  17. Vro
    2016年1月11日 at 20:40

    I’m ready to learn!

  18. Adam
    2016年1月12日 at 10:24

    I plan on living in Japan so I want to improve my japanese before then

  19. Aleksa
    2016年1月31日 at 03:31

    I have no knowledge of the Japanese language for now, but I will learn it, if I don’t become lazy. I’ll have to develop working habbits.

  20. Caio Duarte
    2016年2月2日 at 04:56

    I really want to learn Japanese!

  21. Merco
    2016年2月3日 at 11:28

    Japanese is beautifull I’d love to learn it

  22. Maverick
    2016年3月19日 at 13:29

    I can do this I will learn Japanese!

  23. Angar
    2016年4月24日 at 19:37

    I want to learn Chinese and be fluent as fast as I can.

  24. max
    2016年4月27日 at 12:15

    I can become fluent in Japanese. I think I can. I know I can.

  25. Ashton
    2016年5月15日 at 14:28

    I’m want to be fluent like Mark Crilley

  26. Crypt
    2016年5月17日 at 08:29

    Want to learn japanese

  27. Narada
    2016年5月25日 at 05:49

    Let the learning begin!

  28. kylee
    2016年5月30日 at 06:15

    Hello! Im trying to say the park is open from 6:30am to dusk. How would I translate that?

  29. Rancchi
    2016年6月24日 at 02:01

    I wish I can learn Japanese more!

  30. Naya
    2016年7月5日 at 18:57

    Starting today.
    Let me comment back in a year in Japanese and see if I stepped up my game in fluency or if I got lazy and did nothing. :^}

    • Kilstic
      2017年12月27日 at 16:43

      Naya, I’m waiting for you. Don’t you give up on me. お願いします。

  31. Lidya
    2016年7月31日 at 03:35

    I want to have a firm understanding of Japanese (and eventually, Catonese or Mandarin) by the end of Highschool (3 years). So far, I’ve learned (strokes, relevant readings, meanings) of the N5 and (some of) the N4 Kanji, as well as some compounds and basic grammar rules. I want to continue at this rate, if not faster.

  32. キャットG
    2017年2月17日 at 19:21

    I just started on here as just getting on here was so confusing haha. Tips will help

  33. Ellie
    2017年4月7日 at 15:57

    I’m getting a 404 on the My Content page? Pls help

  34. Renchan
    2017年9月18日 at 23:21

    I’m new and still don’t get how this works, I haven’t reached a page with content to learn Japanese. Where’s it? and where is the one-page summary??

  35. Olivier
    2017年12月23日 at 20:25


  36. Sooi
    2017年12月25日 at 07:03

    Where do I start!!?!?!?

  37. Kilstic
    2017年12月27日 at 16:36

    I want to be able to read manga and watch anime fluently within the next 2-4 years. Yes, that is the real reason I’m here. Don’t tell anybody.

    2018年2月9日 at 18:24

    Thanks man!!! You’re amazing

  39. Arseny
    2018年7月30日 at 17:44

    So, I’ll try. For my dream.

  40. Ahmad
    2018年8月4日 at 01:55

    im totally new to Japanese i need help 🙂
    im in Tokyo Right now :'(

  41. Liam
    2019年10月23日 at 18:26

    one day i will understand the text on this page…

  42. Mosi
    2019年11月16日 at 23:23

    I will be learning JPN now.

  43. Christian Gonzalez
    2020年1月3日 at 08:50

    I wanna thank Tkyosam for bringing me here, I’m gonna learn for sure!

  44. spitovich
    2020年4月10日 at 03:33

    Konnichiwa minasan!!

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