The (Forum) Rules

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Here’s a simple set of rules for AJATT Plus, particularly the forum section.

OL2L: Obligatory L2 Link

Every post must have a link to something in Japanese/L2 in it (like a YouTube video). This is to keep us focused on “the prize”, and not on talking *about* the prize. Just tack the link on the end if you want, even if it’s not related to your post; This makes sure Japanese is always somehow in the discussion.

BN: Be nice

No personal attacks against anyone will be allowed, especially not against the host of this cocktail party, his Khatzumotoness =) . People who criticize the host or other guests will be thrown out by the bouncer. So no swearing, discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion and/or Star Trek affiliation. You can hate people all you want, just keep it to yourself. You may be smarter than people, but don’t tell them that you are and remember that humility is a virtue.

Remember that this is an exclusive club for people with good manners, high standards, and a passion for learning their L2. We’re all in this together and we came here to help each other grow and reach our goals. So encourage other people, help each other forward, and focus on being effective. Be kind, and if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.

RIRO: Rants in the Rantspace Only

The exception is the rantspace — a haven where you can vent your frustrations and let your inner child throw temper tantrums. If the rest of AJATT Plus is Singapore — orderly, clean and efficient, then the rantspace is Paris — dirty, brooding and artistic. Go ahead and tell us what you really think of butter corn ramen or anything else that’s getting you down. (We encourage people to go to the rantspace and help out people who are having a bad day, by the way.) Say whatever you want there, but bite your tongue everywhere else.

LPT: Let People Try

Don’t tell people that something won’t work; just let them try and see. Feel free to share your own experiences with such methods or point out potential pitfalls. But just because it didn’t work for one person doesn’t mean it won’t work for another, or with a bit of tweaking.


In short: experimentation is to be lauded, L2s are to be learned, and people are to be treated with dignity and respect…

Which is all pretty harsh in tone…we’re all adults here and you’re paying customers. Have fun. Let other people have fun. Remember to touch Japanese. That’s about it. 😀

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  1. James Wasmer
    2012年11月13日 at 15:26

    Hey everyone! My name’s James, I’ve lived in Singapore for a few months and am looking to teach myself Japanese to see what fun there is elsewhere in Asia. After being a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there, I thought I’d find a forum and get a little direction, so here I am! I’m not sure what this button says, but it seems like all there is to do is click it…

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