Contact Khatz

If you have any questions or queries (aren’t those the same thing?) or comments or praise (praise is good…), feel free to send me a message using one of the email addresses below; I love getting it! I mean, them…Messages, that is.

Nota bene: Parts of your message to me may be quoted (anonymously) in future posts in order to help other readers. If you do not wish to have any of the message quoted, let me know in the message. Your privacy will be respected. So yeah, be sure to opt out.

Special Note On Refund/Billing Questions and Queries

If you have a billing question (or a refund request), be sure to attach at least 2 of the following 3 pieces of information:

  • Your PayPal email
  • Your PayPal profile ID
    • AKA “automatic payment number”
    • FYI: This is not the same as your AJATT+ login 😀
  • A PayPal transaction ID

The Email Addresses

Here are the email addresses you’re going to want to use. Use the one that’s most appropriate to your situation. Using the right email address will help you get a faster reply, so choose wisely 🙂 .

  • Tech Support (account/login/access issues, etc.): tech at ajatt dot com
  • General (learning process, information, questions, suggestions, tell me how awesome I am, random anything): plushotline at ajatt dot com
  • Billing: billing at ajatt dot com
  • Refunds: refund at ajatt dot com
  • JV/Business Offers: bizdev at ajatt dot com

Response Time

Due to the sheer volume of messages, it may take up to 330 hours to get a response to your message. Any more than that and please yell at me because something horribly wrong has prolly happened.

Support Ticket System

There was a support ticket system. It didn’t work very well so it’s being phased out 😀